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Addison Launch New CNC All Electric Tube Benders

Addison Forming

provide a range of all electric CNC benders with double bending head intended for 3D bending and curling of tubes and profiles. The machine comes with 5 servo driven axes (bending, tube rotation, horizontal and vertical shift of the bending head, and tube positioning) whilst the carriage shift is equipped with a rear booster to push tube into the bending area helping to combat slippage and achieve tighter radius. Other machine functions are controlled automatically ie: clamping jaws, collet chucks and mandrel shift. Additional features include automatic mandrel lubrication and retraction. It is possible to either fit both bending heads with 3 different bending tools simultaneously or 2 bending tools and a roller for the rolling of big radius parts (push bending). Operations are from a control panel with touch display which is mounted on a portable stand. Tel :+44(0)17723345511 #tubebending#machinetools#automotive#aerospace#hydraulics

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