Addison Forming provide a range of all electric CNC benders with double bending head intended for 3D bending and curling of tubes and profiles. The machine comes with 5 servo driven axes (bending, tube rotation, horizontal and vertical shift of the bending head, and tube positioning) whilst the carriage shift is equipped with a rear booster to push tube into the bending area helping to combat slippage and achieve tighter radius. Other machine functions are controlled automatically ie: clamping jaws, collet chucks and mandrel shift. Additional features include automatic mandrel lubrication and retraction. It is possible to either fit both bending heads with 3 different bending tools simultaneously or 2 bending tools and a roller for the rolling of big radius parts (push bending). Operations are from a control panel with touch display which is mounted on a portable stand. The machine is controlled by an industrial PC equipped with Windows and a USB connector for data transfer. Bender software allows the input of data for the complete bending cycle whilst saved data can be copied, edited and backed up.


The MBE - MRE models are multi-stack electrically & hydraulically controlled benders that allow full control of the stack positions when 3D bending or rolling tubes and profiles. The machine is supplied with electrical drive in B, C, X and Y axes (tube rotation, bending, transverse shift of the bending head, and tube shift) whilst clamping elements and the vertical shift of the bending head (tool exchange) is driven hydraulically. Additionally the machines comes equipped with automatic mandrel lubrication. It is possible to fit the machine with two different bending tools or alternatively the bending tool and pulleys for the rolling of big arches. Machine control is via a control panel with a touch display located on a portable stand. Controls come via an industrial PC complete with Windows and the software allows entering data for the complete bending cycle whilst saved data can be copied, edited and backed up via the USB connector for data transfer.


Addison Forming Technologies have a strategic partnership with Innovative Engineered Solutions Inc (iES®), whereby Addison Forming exclusively distribute and support iES’s product range in Europe and non-exclusively in other regions globally outside of North & South America. iES, located in Ohio, USA are a dynamic and rapidly expanding high quality manufacturer of end forming machines and tooling for tube end expanding, reducing, sizing, notching, trimming and perforating as well as a supplier of hydraulic and all electric servo-presses.


Utilising the most advanced industry standard platforms, Addison Forming can provide a fully integrated PLC or CNC  to precisely control your component requirements. Retrofit packages can also be offered to extend existing machine asset life with a new Siemens or alternative leading controller.


We are experts in designing and building automated cells including cartesian and robotic loading applications to suit your budget and technical specification


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